Sami Raja

“With over 12 years of experience in worldwide business management in competitive  and emerging markets, Sami Raja is an independent investment marketing consultant. His extensive knowledge and comprehensive network guarantees that global corporations in the region land seamlessly and efficiently. He is the founder of several successful companies within and outside the UAE.”

Sami Raja

Business Consultant in Dubai, UAE

“Undertaking a combination of  global consulting expertise with local market knowledge, creativity,  and innovation, Oxford Consultants DMCC develop solutions tailored specifically for the client’s needs. Oxford Consultants DMCC aims for sustainable business improvement for the client.”

Oxford Consultants DMCC

Dubai Consultants

“Operating in the business consulting and corporate service industry , Paso Corporate Services work closely with government departments and local authorities. With their gathered market knowledge, Paso Corporate Services  is in constant work in setting up companies in Dubai with unparalleled service quality. “

Paso Corporate Services

Head of Sales , Intel

“Aurion Business Consultants is one of UAE’s top advisors offering company set-up services across the UAE.  Having set up business Offshore, in Freezones and in the Mainland. With more than a decade of experience, Aurion has assisted many companies from countries around the globe to set up business in the UAE.”

AURION Business Consultants

Head of Sales , Intel

“At Shuraa Business Setup, they aren’t just helping you put up your business. They also aid in fulfilling your dreams. By understanding  client needs Shuraa Business Setup makes every effort in delivering business solutions. They analyze your business needs, give you expert advice and customize services fit for the client.”

The Leading Business Setup Service Provider.​

“Specializing  in the development of  tailor-made alternatives for business setup, administration, corporate finance and tax compliance for overseas and local investors, My Business Consulting DMCC  caters to businesses looking to set up and develop their companies in the UAE.”

My Business Consulting DMCC

20 Years of Professional Expertise in the UAE.

“Gulf Business Consulting has been effectively assisting business development and extending expert advice to  leading companies, governments and institutions from across the Middle East for over 10 years. They have developed efficient management  solutions that cover an extensive array of businesses.”

Gulf Business Consulting

Strategies to guarantee your success.

“Delivering the benchmark of service to New Business and Investments (NBI), Management and Business Consulting (MBC), and Enabled Shared Services (ESS); Leap had been partnering with clients to assist in leading strategic innovation to achieve their business goals.“

Leap Business Partners

Strategies to guarantee your success.

Using in-depth sector knowledge and thorough analysis, Titan Management Consultants assist companies attain actual and profitable outcomes. Titan Management aims to bring business solutions and enhance strategic performance for their clients.

Titan Management Consultants

Strategies to guarantee your success.

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